Past Samoyeds

Ch FCC Roka’s Silver Kanuck
2001 –

Kanuck a very beautiful male with a special looking face. He have done is championship rapidly when he was just a puppy. Recently, at three years old, after a two years brake from the competition, Kanuck won in the group for a first, second and third place. Kanuck likes competition in the ring, winter sport and also nice bitch. Macho Kanuck ! Kanuck have done a lot of nice puppy when breeding with Maya and with”Vicki” from Samovar Kennel from wich we keep a male “Nokia” and in Norway (Little Rocky kennel) recently.

Kolinka Douce Heidi De Nikita

Kanuck had a new title from the FCC (Fédération Canine du Canada). This title was obtain by having 4 Excellent by 4 different judges from Europe in a competition held in september 2004 under the FCI regulation. Kanuck win also the “reserve Best in Show” in this competition under Italian judge Baron Piero Renai della Rena also writer of a book on Spitz breed.

Heidi is a tall and elegant female with a very nice face and a splendid movement. She is active outside but calm when she is inside. She is also very gentle. She produced very nice puppies.

Ch Nikita Cloe’Del Colle Ombroso

Cloé is a very small female from Colle Ombroso kennel in Italy. Cloé have the caracteristics of the Samoyed from England.

She is delicate, agile and very friendly. She is 18 months old on this picture. Imported from Italy is an adventure, but we think that Cloé could be a full success, introducing a new type in our breeding.

Ch Vanderbilt’s Mistral De Nikita

Mistral is a very dynamic, but gentle female with an interesting pedigree. To date, she has won three “Best Puppy in Working Group” placements at CKC shows, as well as winning the 2005 Canadian Samoyed National Specialty Puppy Sweepstakes. Her sire, Int. Ch. Cabaka’s Yacker of McCoy was Denmark’s “Dog of the Year” in 2005. A great deal was expected from Mistral, and we weren’t disappointed. In September 2006, she was awarded “Best in Show” at the Canine Federation of Canada dog show. She produce : Nikita Precieuse Topaze, CH Nikita Elle Vogue, Ch Nikita Beaute Fatale et Ch Nikita Prince of Snow.

Barney : We bought Barney from Nerak’s Kennel in West Virginia at the age of 2 years old. We will be very proud of him. He produced a lot of champion here and in Europe. From him, we kept in our breeding program : Luba (CH Nikita Clair De Lune), Vogue (CH Nikita Elle Vogue), Marquise (CH Nikita Marquise Des Glaces), Luna (CH Nikita Magie Blanche). He is also the father of Lord (Russia Gr CH Nikita Canada Lord Nord) owning by a Russian breeder.

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