Frequently Asked Questions

How do Samoyeds handle the summer heat ?
Like any dog, during summer heat the Samoyed needs a constant supply of water to drink and a shady place. If the dog is allowed inside then it will find its own cool spot (probably on the kitchen or bathroom floor if it is tiled or linoleum floored). Outdoors, the dog will probably dig a hole. Some dogs like having ice added to their water to help keep it cool. Some also enjoy a children’s wading pool filled with water in the summer time. The Samoyed sheds a lot of coat before summer, as soon as the whether starts to warm up, which also allows them to keep cool. NEVER clip a Samoyed for the summer. The outer coat is actually reflective and shades the dog’s skin. Exposed skin is dangerous for sunburn, which can lead to skin cancer. Do not ever lock any dog in a car in direct sunlight, or in the shade for a great deal of time, even with the windows are down a little for ventilation the heat generated by the dog is still enough to cause heat stress.

What are they like with children ?
Due to their gentle temperament the Samoyed is generally a very good family dog. They seem to enjoy the company of children, though common sense must be used when mixing any dog with young children. They are powerful dogs; children should not be left in total control of the dog. Samoyeds are generally patient by nature and will tolerate young children fawning over them, but this should be strictly supervised for the sake of the dog as well as the child. With these caveats in mind, since Samoyeds love attention, well behaved children get along wonderfully with well mannered and socialized Samoyeds.

What are they like inside a house ?
Samoyeds, aside from the occasional invasion of masses of fur when they are shedding coat, are excellent house dogs. They are extremely clean dogs and surprisingly quiet. They are very sure-footed and in no way clumsy around furniture. They will often pick out a favorite sleeping spot and stay there for hours. Favorite spots seem to be tiled and linoleum floors in warm weather, soft pillows or beds at other times.

How much do they eat ?
It depends on the type of food. An average Samoyed will eat about 2 or 3 cups of a “premium quality” dog food per day. The actual amount of food will vary depending on the metabolism and activity level of the dog, and the quality of food. A working adult will eat approximately 3 cups of high protein food per day. Other dogs will generally eat less. Puppies require smaller, more frequent meals.

How much exercise do they need,and what kind ?
You should not strenuously exercise a puppy under 6 months of age. Their muscular-skeleto system is not developed enough yet. Their play is enough to keep them healthy. You should play with your puppy and work on some of the basic obedience commands with him, in a playful way. Once the dog is 6 months old, a kindergarten puppy training class or a basic obedience class is a very good idea. It will start you both out on the right foot. You can then more easily start taking the dog for walks in your area on a leash. By the time the dog is full grown, at around 12 months, he will be ready for much longer walks, an hour per day or more. The obedience training will make the walks much more enjoyable. Hiking, with a dog back-pack is great fun. One can also bike with a dog, with a nifty device known as a “Springer.” Finally, sledding is an excellent form of exercise, and is what the dog was bred for. Skijouring is an alternative winter sport.

Do they pull sleds very fast ?
The Samoyed, again, is the “happy medium” dog. They are not as fast as the Siberian Husky, but they are faster than Malamutes. They excel in endurance, though, and were the preferred dogs of a number of early polar (North and South) explorers.

Do they shed a lot ?
Samoyeds blow their undercoats twice per year. They do not typically shed year round like many dog breeds. When they do blow their coat, they lose lots of hair (several grocery sacks full per week).

Do they like to fight against other dogs ?
No. Samoyeds are very pack oriented dogs. As such, they communicate with other dogs in a variety of ways. An ill mannered, aggressive dog is not a good team dog and therefore not a good sled dog. However, poorly socialized and trained Samoyeds can be aggressive towards other dogs. For this reason, it is very important for a Samoyed owner to train the dog carefully and make sure to properly socialize it with other dogs.