We will not take reservation until 2022.

Our parents are :

  • Registrate to the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
  • Certifie exampt of Hips dysplasia (OFA)
  • Verify annualy for eyes problems (OFA)
  • Have mostly the OFA CHIC certification
  • Champions and Grand Champions line breeding

Our Puppies are :

  • Registred to the CKC to garanty that they are Pure Bred and identify with a microchip.
  • Sold with a non-breeding agreement.
  • Garanty against genetic’s health problems.
  • Have been dewormed and have all the vaccination need at 8 weeks old plus kennel cough vaccination

You are interested in acquiring a Samoyed puppy? I hope you realize that a dog is for life. We want to ensure that new owners will be happy with their puppy… “A happy owner makes a happy puppy!”

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Information :